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Let me start by saying I’m happy to get the chance to post a comment to a company that I’ve been a customer for quite some time now. I first bumped into Michael and his company, Advanced Water Treatment Inc, during a home trade show at Tropicana Field in St Petersburg FL back in 2014 where we ended up purchasing one of his recommended water treatment systems. The system was completely affordable for us on a tight budget, yet in hind sight, the overall benefits outweighed the costs. Installation was relatively simple and done a couple days after the trade show. It pretty much takes care of itself and the only thing you need to do is periodically add bags of rock salt (about $5.00/bag) to the adjoining reservoir. They recommend salt crystals you can pick up at any hardware store (Lowe’s, Home Depot) and I started with 6 bags to fill the reservoir 3/4 full. About every 2-3 weeks, I check the salt crystal level in the reservoir as it settles and shifts. I add about one bag a month to maintain a decent level. A small tip…I keep a 12”-15” piece of clean PVC pipe inside the salt reservoir to tap the salt crystals down as they get hard layers when the water fills up with water then drains…easy on the hands. And that’s about it…once a year I’ll call to have the carbon filtration tank connected to the unit changed. Their service maintenance crew is pretty responsive to calls, in between numerous installations, within 24hrs. Bottom line is…you have to decide what’s best for you but I’ll honestly say you can’t go wrong when it comes to working with Advance Water Treatment Inc. We’ve been working with them for over 7 years now and they’ve always been there for us. They carry any and all water treatment system equipment for whatever your needs may be. Water in south Tampa is extremely hard on plumbing and appliances down here. Having this system in our house has significantly extended the life of several appliances. Just from 2011-2014 alone, I’ve had to replace the following appliances BEFORE installation of our current system…dishwasher (1), washing machine (1), hot water heater (2), shower & sink fixtures. And now…ZERO problems! Water is so much softer on the skin and noticeably cleaner after running the dishwasher and washer now. When is the right time to make a decision on a water treatment system for you? NOW sounds like a good time. Give them a call today and they will help you find what’s good for you.
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