In-Home Consultation

Knowing what's in your water is the most important part to treating it. When you contact us for a water test we will come to you for an in-home water consultation. This allows us to retrieve water samples from multiple locations in the home. We will test your water to determine if and what water treatment your home needs.

What can you expect from an in-home water consultation?

  1. Preliminary questioning will take place as the first step of the visit.
  2. Testing kits will help us evaluate the quality of your water throughout the process.
  3. Existing equipment will be checked if you already have a water treatment system in the home.
  4. Assessing the basement or garage will tell the consultant where water treatment equipment can be conveniently installed.
  5. A "raw" water sample will be taken from an outside water spigot before it is treated or affected by anything inside the home.
  6. Tap water samples will be taken to test the water inside the home.
  7. Various tests will be performed on both the raw and tap water samples. As our experts perform each test, they will tell you what they’re looking for, give you the result, and explain exactly what those results mean.
  8. A review and recommendations will be made by our water treatment experts.


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