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I am so thankful I got to meet him at the Home Show last month. I purchased a home 5 years ago and thought water is just water. I was wrong. The list of repairs and headaches this water has caused “was” enormous. Not to mention I also have two saltwater tanks which requires R/O water that I bought every two weeks 30 minutes from home. Long story short Mike and his crew installed my system at my house and spent almost 7 hours to accommodate all of our needs. The system is awesome. My water is awesome. This company is awesome.  Thank you again Todd
Todd K. of Tampa, FL
Wednesday, October 16th
  We now live in a home with well water. Unfortunately, we didn't know better of what to expect when moving in. We had initially hired another provider (see my other reviews)... After a few weeks and thousands of dollars spent with no success in removing the sulfur smell from our home, we stopped the original provider from continuing to provide us "solutions" and decided to start from the beginning again. We had a couple of different water conditioning specialists visiting us and providing a water test. Needless to say that the original company didn't provide us with the needed system to treat our well water as supposed to.Mike came in on a Sunday afternoon. ONLY company in Tampa Bay that were even open to see us after hours or weekends. After walking through the house and water shed with us, he started testing the water.To be honest, at first he sounded too confident. I thought, maybe another sales rep only. I was wrong. Mike takes pride of his work, as he should. He was the one installing our new system and guarantying to us that our house would no longer smell like hell.I really appreciated his honesty statement about the original installation. Even though the well treatment was not adequate for our type of well water, he assured us the installation of water tank and water softener were properly done and we didn't have to purchase another new system.He came back on Thursday to install our new system. They stayed there over 8 hours working and testing the water before and after installation. Friday morning, for the first time since moving in, we were able to enjoy a sulfur-free shower.It's amazing how much a non-treated well water affects your life. We've lost our faith in wells after the first vendor issues. We can finally enjoy our new home!I wanted to say thank you (again!) to Mike and his team for all their knowledge, hard work and for taking great care of our well water! (pictures of the new water equipment to follow)
Kell E. of Tampa, FL
Sunday, December 16th
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